Acne Treatments for People with Oily Skin

Sebum is the oil produced and secreted by our sebaceous glands that helps prevent our skin and hair from drying out. However, too much sebum can be bad. When excessive, it can begin to smell, especially when broken down by bacteria; this results in what is colloquially known as body odor. Moreover, an excess of sebum can make our skin and hair oily. People with oily skin are prone to acne. When too much oil accumulates in our skin pores, it can lead to an acne breakout.

Acne happens when the pores are blocked by the excess sebum, thus allowing dirt, dust and bacteria to accumulate. For people with oily skin, it is important to keep your pores clean and unclogged to help prevent acne from happening. Here are some tips on how to control and fight acne despite having oily skin.

Whip egg whites with a beater until they becomes soft, white and foamy. Apply this to your face and leave it until it dries. Rinse thereafter. If done every day, this egg white face mask can help eliminate the acne on your oily skin.

You can also make use of warm honey. Apply a generous amount of honey and spread it over your face. Let it stay for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off.

Oatmeal is also a wonderful remedy against acne. Blend a thick paste of oatmeal and water. Spread it over your face and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes.


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